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Burn This Desert Down

Written By: Jann Browne
Published By: JunieBug Music (ASCAP)

Ten miles down a broken road
Sun’s been beatin’ on my heavy load
The light’s on so you must be home
Drinkin’ at the kitchen sink

It’s all swirling here in my head
I’m short of money and I need a bed
And I could use a little tenderness
And maybe one of your drinks

Then I’m gonna burn this desert down
I’m gonna burn this desert down
Ain’t gonna leave a trace
Of love in this place
I’m gonna burn this desert down

Brother Curtis can you hear me
You better say a prayer for me
This happy home was a home in need
But now it’s just a house

And this ain’t no Shangri-La
No it’s more like Vichyssoise
Cold soup from a funky pot
Drippin’ down my blouse


Pour a drink or two down the hatch
Then I’m finally gonna strike me a little match
Smoke’s gonna rise and fade to black
And there ain’t no, there ain’t no turnin’ back no
no no no no

Baby it’s time to make
A little mother truckin’ shake and bake

I’m gonna burn this desert down X2
I’m gonna burn this little sandbox right down yeah
Oh yeah X3

BOB GROSS > Bass Guitar
BOBBY FURGO > Hammond B3 Organ, Piano
MATTHEW BARNES > Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals