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plan B records

*plan B records* is a recording facility and Indie record label based in Palm Springs CA, founded in 1993 by Matthew Barnes and Jann Browne to record and promote an alternative to what is considered mainstream Country music. 

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HI - to all of you who know, follow and support Jann Browne, and all that is our creative vision!
   Have you ever felt that feeling of growing energy? That feeling of power percolating and getting stronger and stronger, until it gets to the point of no return, and it just has to come out, sort of like a pressure release valve? 
Well, we are at that point-again- beginning to make sense of all the creativity that has been bubbling just beneath the surface, waiting for the time to burst out and be realized!
What I am saying to you is this: The ball is again rolling, the barn door is open, spring has sprung, and it's time for the next projects to start taking shape. We are, as far as I can see and feel, back up in the saddle.
Our hope is to give our friends and fans what everyone has been hoping and waiting for. New music and creative perspective from Jann Browne. And YOU are a very big cog in this wheel that we have been rolling for quite some time. And the wheel is growing! and I guess it's appropriate to give it a name, since it's become an entity that folks relate to in more ways than just  Facebook or a website page.
This is a community. The Jann Browne Community.
   Thank you to our friends who feel the community spirit with us. And thank you to those of you who are stopping by to check it out- hopefully you'll become friends and participants in our community through meeting us at our live shows, and listening to our music, and reading about our community! There is much strength and power that is created by all the love and support that our friends have given back to us as a result of Jann's music and creativity- We are Blessed!

-Thanks for being part of the JannBrowne community, and, Stay Tuned!


The free music downloads we are releasing to our email members are tracks that will NOT be available any where else. These are mostly previously recorded tracks from the archives and demos of stuff (old and new) that we want our friends to have. So thanks for supporting us and enjoy! -SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE TO GET THE LATEST FREE DOWNLOAD..........



RIAA Gold Records for the wall

In Memory of Billy Davis

The Butternose Bros.
(l to r) Sir William Butternose, Matthew Butternose, Michael Butternose.

The Butternose Bros. (l to r) Sir William Butternose, Matthew Butternose, Michael Butternose.

This video is a rock song that was written years ago by Billy Davis and Matt Barnes when they worked together before Billy had joined the band Badfinger. When Billy passed away last year, Matt asked drummer Mike Ricciardi, also with Badfinger, to record the drum tracks. Here's a rough mix-

July 4th

Fullerton Stadium, July4th

Fullerton Stadium, July4th

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